EnviroCo’s residential projects range from large scale, multi stage subdivisions to single lots. For example, building in the Port Hills with its steep slopes and fine, loess soil requires erosion and sediment control measures to protect its delicate and unique environment.   

Lyttleton Harbour / Whakaraupō has been subjected to increased runoff of sediment laden water since being converted from forest to farmland over the last couple of hundred years. With development came towns and roads, built by cutting into the hillside, with stormwater eroding and mobilising the silt-like surface soils contributing further to a build-up of sediment that can be seen throughout the harbour. The hillsides are now dominated by grass cover which does offer a degree of stabilisation and erosion control. However, when this surface cover is disturbed through earthworks, the soils beneath become vulnerable to erosion.

EnviroCo’s specialist expertise is here to help you remain compliant with District and Regional Council rules around erosion sediment control, and to help you be a part of improving the health of our waterways.