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Silt Curtains/Booms

Silt Curtains are installed in waterways to prevent pollution of the waterway by silt and disturbed sediment caused by construction activities.


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Flocculants and Coagulants

The chemical treatment of sediment laden water can greatly increase the settling rate of suspended particles. EnviroCo will work with you to determine which flocculant and dosing rates will be most appropriate for your soil type and conditions.

EnviroCo supplies Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) and blends including PolyDADMAC organic coagulant.


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Flocculant Dosing Systems

Dosing systems ensure that the right amount of chemical is added at the right time. There are three types of dosing; batch dosing, rain based dosing and flow based dosing.


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Dust Suppressants

Nuisance dust is becoming more of an issue on work sites and unsealed roads.

Dust suppressants are typically a solution containing a binding chemical that is sprayed onto unstable surfaces e.g. to minimise wind erosion.

  • EnviroCo supplies calcium lignosulphanate and polymer based suppressants.  

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