What is an Erosion Sediment Control Plan?

Erosion & Sediment Control Plans (ESCP) are an essential part of planning for any development, whether the site be large or small. ESCP identify methods and devices used to minimise erosion and sediment loss from a site where soil disturbing activities are occurring.

Christchurch City Council requires ESCP for high risk areas such as hillslopes, and sensitive receptors such as rivers and streams. Territorial authorities also often require ESCP as part of the building consent process.

EnviroCo will undertake a site inspection and design a plan specific to your project and submit it to Council on your behalf. Our purpose is to reduce erosion and mobilisation of sediment during the construction phase of your project, to prevent potential adverse effects on the environment. 

Our CPESC qualified consultants can also certify the design and installation of the ESC measures, an increasing requirement of consent conditions. 

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What's Included:

Our CPESC qualified team will provide:

A site specific ESCP drawing

Design certification

Plan implementation certification